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The cost to deliver electricity to your home is influenced directly by supply and demand. Short-term or spot prices are affected by fluctuations in usage according to seasons, time of day, or supply capacity of local generators.

Like other commodities such as natural gas, long-term prices are affected by fluctuations in population, economic growth and the environmental policies our government implements.

Where you may have historically obtained supply and delivery from your Local Distribution Company (LDC), we now operate in a deregulated market where you can make the choice to purchase a secure supply from an independent licensed marketer. Blue Power is trusted by thousands of residential customer wishing to purchase energy at long-term rates up to five years. Not only does BLUE POWER sell electricity to retail customers like you, it also Generates that electricity in some markets.

Our goal is to help you run your home through efficient and reliable energy sources while helping you manage your energy costs.

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