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BluePower® helps customers gain control over their energy needs through increased power reliability, improved power quality and lower energy costs.


Clean Friendly Power
Unlike your existing utility Blue Power installs power generation equipment on-site and since we are not tied to the grid if the power goes out we can provide back-up power. A Blue Power customer enjoys clean and environmentally friendly power.

High Efficiency Equipment
Blue Power only supplies high efficiency equipment. If you are considering replacing your boilers STOP - our co-generation system provides heat for domestic hot water and Power.

We offer alternatives to traditional energy supply with our on-site and standby generation solutions.

Benefits include emergency power, fixed electricity and thermal energy costs for up to 10 years, and immediate energy savings compared to current utility costs or 'Energy Contracting’.

With our on-site generation system you reduce your exposure to rolling blackouts and utility failures. You shave peak demand to minimize peak pricing penalties. On-site power can address 25-40% of your needs to give you greater control over your energy supply while you stay connected to the local utility grid.

Non-core activities can distract you, your team, and your resources. Business continuance risk and occupant security are important elements that can be assured with our standby energy solutions.

BluePower® offers a number of services that include: Equipment Rental, On-site Power Purchase Agreements and Build Own Transfer (BOT) arrangements that allow you to focus on your core activities.

We include remote monitoring, diagnostics and testing so you are assured of reliability. Equipment and performance risks are off loaded to Blue Power®.

You never pay for a service call.

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