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About Carbon Offsets

Highland Green Condominium

  Highland Project  

Project Type:
Energy Conservation and
On-site Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Generation

Ontario, Canada

MorEnergy Services Inc. and
Blue Power Distributed Generation Corp.

  Start Date:
March, 2007
Enbridge Gas Distribution (Gas Utility)
Total ERs:
300 tons

 Project details

Supported by Enbridge Gas Distribution (Natural Gas Utility) and Powerstream (Electrical Utility), this two-tower complex in Aurora, Ontario, undertook a top to bottom energy audit and opted to replace its deteriorating conventional boiler system with hi-efficiency condensing boilers.  A CHP micro turbine system capable of meeting up to 22% of the building’s electricity needs and most of its domestic hot water demand for its 150 units helped to offset dependence on Coal and Nuclear power. Operating at, or very close to peak efficiency, the turbine is actually a more efficient water heater than the 92% efficient condensing boilers that were installed alongside it. The system also boasts a sophisticated energy management and monitoring system to further reduce energy consumption.  Programmable thermostats throughout the building allowed residents to manage their own energy consumption during un-occupied period of the day. The project has resulted in competitive costs for both heat and electricity, compared to what the condo would be paying under a traditional utility contract with its LDC.

Since commissioning, the building’s condo corporation received a Civic Award from the Town for exemplifying leadership in energy conservation.

This project is listed in The Gold Standard Registry as VER Project ID GS646
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Other social and environmental benefits and costs

Environmental benefits

Improvement in air quality such as reduction in volatile organic carbon emissions by off-setting coal power production.

Social benefits

Benefits the City of Aurora by significantly reducing its carbon footprint.
• Provides less strain on the electricity grid and the need to build more transmission lines.

Project’s ability to foster further greenhouse gas emission reductions

This project is unusual in that it uses a financial model that requires no upfront capital cost on the part of the host. We hope this project structure can be replicated elsewhere through this example.

Project’s environmental and social cost

• There are no major environmental or social costs associated with this project.

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