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Falling Brook Condo: Geo-Thermal


Project Type:
Geo-thermal heating and cooling

Ontario, Canada

MorEnergy Services Inc.

  Start Date:
Sept., 2008
Total ERs:
1,200 tonnes

Project details

The Beach has long been a sought after high value enclave of tranquility within the bustle of the City of Toronto.  At the quiet end of the Beach is Falling Brook, located on a rise of land commanding views of the lake to the south and parkland to the north.  Just steps away from the Boardwalk, parks, shopping streets, with excellent neighbourhood schools, well served by public transit, Falling Brook is the loft residence of choice for those who know the Beach.

Mitchell & Associates was awarded the Ontario Renews Award in design innovation for developing the first legal conforming loft project in Toronto in 1984. Since then they have designed and developed many exciting residential loft conversions in the city. Mitchell Lofts website has been set up to present their newest projects both in development and construction stages and to showcase their previous projects since the early 1980's.

Lying underneath this wonderful building is a Geo-thermal heating and cooling system.  Using the earth's energy provides for a green, non-carbon source of energy for the building. Pipes run into the ground over 200 meters forcing cold water in winter and warm water in summer to transfer energy from the earth to the occupants living and working above. The system drives 7 water based heat pumps for the commercial area of the building.


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Other social and environmental benefits and costs

Environmental benefits

  • Improvement in air quality such as reduction in volatile organic carbon emissions by off-setting coal power production and the use over other fossil fuels.

Social benefits

  • Benefits the City of Toronto by contributing toward the reduction in its carbon footprint.

  • Builds on a path towards a Green energy future.

Project’s ability to foster further greenhouse gas emission reductions

  • This project is unusual in that it uses a financial model that requires no upfront capital cost on the part of the host. We hope this project structure can be replicated elsewhere through this example.

Project’s environmental and social cost

There are no major environmental or social costs associated with this project.

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